Resources For Expecting Parents

Dear Expecting Parents,

This Resource Page Is Broken Into Two Main Categories, Local Resources In Sonoma County California & Global Online Information Resources. The Global Online Information Section Covers Everything From Parenting & Vaccinations To Cloth Diapering. 

I Hope The Information Serves You All Well In Your Journey Toward Parenthood.

Resources In Sonoma County California

Midwives: All of these midwives are fabulous choices for a homebirth or hospital experience. Contact them for an interview at no cost to see if you all are a good match for your birth team. Most also offer Doula services if you are looking for some additional support to your birth team.

Caitlin Kirkman:, (307) 631-0591

Claudette Coughenour: 

Colette Mercier:

Kathryn Barry:

Laura Stalker:

Lara Sodergren: (707) 823-4801

Shiela VanDerveer:

For those of you who are looking for a good balance between a hospital and homebirth experience check out the Santa Rosa Birth Center at:

ChildBirth Education Classes

Franchesca Duval: Franchesca offers HypnoBirthing workshops which are taught in five week series meeting once a week for approximately 2-1/2 hours. Workshops include everything from: nutrition, exercise, bonding with baby in the womb, choosing a health care practitioner, self-relaxation techniques for labor/delivery, education of husband or partner and much more. $385 covers the classes for expecting parents as well as all class materials.

New Mother And Baby Play Groups

Mothering Arts Sebastopol: is a community of mothers and babies loving nurtured by local wise women and grandmothers who wish to nurture the nurturer.  New classes begin each season, a fresh relevant topic each week will inform and inspire you on your journey of motherhood. Learn more on the website;

Prenatal and Postpartum Support: Sebastopol is a great hub for holistic practitioners and health care. The list below contains everything from prenatal yoga classes to excellent & affordable prenatal massage practitioners. 


Ryan Duval West County Acupuncture: Ryan has a private practice in downtown Sebastopol where he offers excellent care for prenatal/postpartum support and all members of the family at the affordable rate of $80 for an hour treatment ($100 for first time 70 minute appointment) which includes needles, moxa and cranial sacral work.       Contact:, (415) 828-1230.

Chiropractic Care

Vibrant Life Chiropractic: 1540 Gravenstein Hwy S., Sebastopol                                                                                  Emily Zeinal specializes in care of pregnant women and is also a doula. She has a very subtle energetic approach which clients appreciate and benefit from for weeks after treatment. Her gentle adjustments allow your baby to find their way deep inside your pelvis so they are engaged properly well before the birthing experience.

Prenatal/Postnatal Yoga

Devorah Blum: Devorah offers prenatal yoga, prenatal partner yoga and a mommy/child yoga class in downtown Sebastopol at Yoga Studio Ganesha.

Sara K. Woll: Sara offers prenatal yoga Thrive Birth Center as well as a mommy yoga class (with free childcare!) which pregnant women are welcome to attend. She offers doula services and is an all around fantastic yogi/woman.

Prenatal/Postnatal Exercise

Coaches Corner: Offers everything from Zumba to Meditation classes. $40 a month gets you a membership to the weight room and unlimited classes. Childcare is offered at $2 an hour so new mothers can get support while meeting their exercise needs.

Ives Pool: Offers classes and open lap swimming in their saline pool.

Prenatal Massage

Jessica Morell: Jessica offers affordable massages in a serene and delightfully relaxing environment. She is also a doula and offers workshops for young girls who are receiving their cycles for the first time:

Craniosacral Therapy

Jayantii Lawless: Jayantii offers Craniosacral Therapy for both mother and new born babe. Cranial care for Mommas helps to restore structural alignment and supports them to fully integrate their birth experience. For babies, it promotes health and alleviates the effects of their birth trauma by releasing tension from their central nervous system.”

Ayurvedic Care

Dyhana Center Of Health Sciences, 186 North Main Street, Sebastopol
Donation Clinics, Wednesdays 4-7pm
call to reserve an appointment 707.823.8818
A wonderful way to receive affordable, ayurvedic health counseling including lifestyle and nutritional recommendations.

Global Online Information Resources: For those of us who do not live in Sonoma County but are looking for information on everything from nutrition while pregnant to cloth diapering this list of resources is for you. 

Pre-pregnancy, Pregnancy and Birth Web Sites

American Pregnancy Association:

International Childbirth Education Association:

National listings of childbirth educators and doulas:

Helping Women Make Informed Decisions About Pregnancy & Childbirth:

Nutrition in Pregnancy:

Pregnancy, Birth, Parent Education:

International Cesarean Awareness Network:

March of Dimes:

Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies Coalition:

Hypnosis for Birth: 


Medication & Pregnancy:

Prenatal Stimulation to Enhance Baby’s Brain Growth

Prenatal Education Site That Builds Babies Brain In Utero:

Prenatal Stimulation:

New Parenting Web Sites

Parenting Sites:                                                                                                                                       (Alliance For Transforming The Lives Of Children) 

Holistic Parenting:

New Father’s Site:

Understanding Your Childs Sleep Cycle:

National Car Seat & Safety:

Helping Your Child Create A Healthy Mind:

Vaccination Information:

Breastfeeding Web Sites

La Leche League International:

Lactation Educational Site:

Breast Pump Information:

Cloth Diaper Information 

Online Reviews of Different Cloth Diapers:

Diaper Swappers Trade/Sell Used Cloth Diapering Systems:

Going On The Go, Tips And Tricks For Using Cloth Diapers Outside Of The Home:

 Going Green & Saving Money For your Family
Earth Friendly, Budget Friendly Baby Gear:
Online Reviews of Baby Products and Bargains:
Resource For Offering/Receiving Free Goods In Your Community:
MoneyGirls Free Online Podcast Featuring Topics Such As Tips and Tricks To Help You Save And Building A College Fund For Your Children:
Pregnancy Entertainment and Education
Pregnancy Blog and Free Podcast Covering A Variety Of Topics in A Fun And Informative Way:
Weekly Updates Of Your Childs Development In The Womb:
Online Resource For Making Your Own Baby Website/Setting Up A Registry:


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