Natural Fertility Regulation

Now proudly offering online home study courses for the Billings Method of Tracking Ovulation. Learn how to track your fertility from the comfort of your home any time of the day.

Natural Fertility Awareness: The Billings Method Of Tracking Ovulation

Tracking and Understanding A Woman’s Fertility Naturally Without Chemicals, Devices, Internal Checking or Temperature Taking In Less Than 3 Minutes A Day.

99.9% Effective In Preventing Pregnancy

78% Effective In Achieving Pregnancy

100% Effective In Helping You Understand Your Hormonal/Reproductive Health Regardless Of Your Sexual Activity.

     Serving Women and Couples at All Stages Of Their Reproductive Lives. 

Specifics on Avoiding Pregnancy

Specifics on Achieving Pregnancy

What does it take to start learning the Billings Method of tracking ovulation?

    Fertility Awareness Education starts with the desire know yourself and making an appointment with Franchesca to set up classes . The bulk of the information comes in the first class which is about 2 and a half hours long, and you are given as many follow-ups and refreshers as you need. Classes and all follow-ups can be given over the phone or email to serve clients who are outside of Sonoma County.

     If you are partnered, you and your partner will need to abstain from sexual activity (no genital contact) for two weeks. You do not need to wait for a period to start classes, the two weeks can begin at anytime. During your first two weeks (and for the months following Franchesca will coach you on what to look for, how to properly chart and through charting you will identify a basic infertile pattern (BIP), once a basic infertile pattern is found we look for your bodies unique signs of fertility (sensations felt and mucus pattern). After we have the fertility and infertility covered we can identify days that are safe to make love free from worry of pregnancy or days of prime fertility for making love if you are trying to conceive a child.

     Weather you are avoiding or trying to achieve pregnancy, this method of fertility awareness creates a healthy bond between couples because both the woman and man will have the ability to make empowered decisions about bringing a life into the world. Fertility does not have to be a shot in the dark with a worrisome few days before bleeding every month, love making can be clear and relaxed with both people knowing where the woman is at in her cycle. The method is simple, clear, completely user friendly, takes less than three minutes each day and far safer for the body than hormones, chemicals or devices.

For more information on learning how to track your cycles or to set up an appointment with Franchesca to learn the Billings Method Of Tracking Ovulation contact her at:, (831) 334-4244

   Franchesca teaches group workshops in Sonoma County and offers online home study courses for those who live out of the area.

     Cost for fertility education is $350 which covers your first class, and as many followups as the woman/couple needs to feel comfortable with using the method.

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